Seal House stocks over 21,000 standard product lines, but there are times when a Custom Seal is the best option.

Seal House are Custom Sealing solutions specialists. We offer a wide variety of Custom Seal options to suit almost any application.

We use state-of-the-art CNC technology and superior, quality seal materials. We have an extensive knowledge base, which has been built up since 1993, initially while trading as SealJet, a name synonymous with precision and quality.

We can optimise seal life and performance by expertly custom manufacturing your seals to suit a particular environment. Our Custom Seals can meet your sealing needs in the most demanding of applications.

Seal House has two dedicated seal machines capable of machining seals up to 600mm (OD) in house and can arrange for seals up to 4000mm if required. We can supply a single seal, for a one-off application, or a run of 1000 or more.

We can either adapt an existing standard profile or custom manufacture to suit.

Our Custom Seal Profiles include





Back Up Rings

Wear Rings

Custom Seal Materials

Custom Seals can be produced in a wide range of materials.

SJUPUR (Ecopur) is a general-purpose polyurethane
SJUHPU (H- Ecopur) is a hydrolysis resistant urethane, and is FDA compliant
SJUCPU (G- Ecopur) is a specially cast polyurethane which is hydrolysis resistant, and is used to make large diameter seals over 600mm
SJUTPU (T- Ecopur) is a general-purpose polyurethane which is suited to extremely cold environments down to -50°C
SJUSPU (S- Ecopur) polyurethane for water hydraulics and oil-free pneumatics
SJRNBR (EcoRubber1) elastomer based on acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber
SJRVIT (FPM) elastomer based on Fluororubber
SJREPD elastomer based on ethylene-propylene rubber
SJREPW elastomer based on ethylene-propylene rubber
SJRSIL silicone rubber
SJRHBN (H-NBR) hydrogenated or saturated acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber
SJTVIR (PTFE-Virgin) thermoplastic
SJTTMB (PTFE with glass, bronze and MOS2 fillers)
SJACEB (Acetal, Ecotal) semi-crystalline polyacetal-copolymer
SJPMID (Ecomid) cast polyamide
SJPEEK (Peek, Ecopeek) high performance polymer
SPECIALS Many other materials available upon request

Seal House can assist with choosing the best material for a particular application as each of these specialist materials offer different properties, including resistance to temperature (high or low), pressure (high or low); a range of chemicals and different degrees of abrasion.

Please Contact us for further assistance by calling 0800 732 573, or by filling in the form below.

Custom Seals Enquiry Form

Our Custom Seal Enquiry Form is a checklist which will provide us with the correct information to enable us to supply the right seal, first time.
Or, one of our Custom Seal experts can help you – call us on 0800 732 573 and we will guide you through the process.