Union Seals

Seal House offers union seals of all common styles for the dairy, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and fluid transfer industries.

Union seals are used to seal a joint, usually between two pipes of hose couplings. The styles used to achieve such a seal differ greatly.

Common styles include;
• RJT – O-Ring type
• Camlock
• Tri-Clover (flanged and un-flanged)

Seal House stocks and manufactuers these Union Seals in a variety of materials.

As the seal comes in direct contact with the media, it is vitally important that the correct material is selected for the application.

Seal House can discuss and assist in the selection of a suitable material for your application.

Common materials available are;
• Nitrile Rubber
• Vitron®
• Urethane (H-Ecopur®)
• PTFE (Teflon®)
• Silicone

Seal House proudly offers Union Seals made of H-Ecopur®, in either red or natural colouring. H-Ecopur® is a long life, durable, food safe urethane which, when applied correctly, has been proven to have far superior longevity of service life over its rivals.

There are many examples where products made of H-Ecopur® have lasted many years, reducing consumable and labour costs significantly.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.