Seal House recommends top quality Garlock products to satisfy Packing requirements in a wide range of applications in a number of different industries.

Our Packing range includes Gland Packing, Joint Sealant Tape and Cord, and Graphite Foil Rings.



Gland Packings are cost-efficient sealing solutions for pumps, stirring devices and as spindle sealants in control and adjustment valves.

Gland Packings are made on braiding machines using different yarns and braiding techniques. These alter depending on the dimensions and packing type.

Gland Packing Materials

Gland Packing can be made from organic fibres such as

  • Aramid
  • PTFE
  • Ramie
  • Novoloid
  • Panox
  • Polyacrylics

Or Packing can be made from inorganic fibres such as glass, aluminium silicate and carbon, as well as pure graphite foils and PTFE compounds.

Gland packing can also be manufactured to include additional lubricants, fillers and binders, according to specialist requirements in particular applications. Contact us for help with your specific Gland Packing requirements.

For information on installation of Gland Packing, click here.

*Installation Information

The following are useful tips for installing Gland Packing:

  • Always use the Packing that is best suited to the relevant gland application
  • Remove old Packing residue and clean the gland thoroughly
  • The gap between the shaft and housing (or collar) should be less than .22
  • Extrusion-tight Packings or backing rings have to be used for bigger gaps
  • Packings which are too thick may not be brought down to size by hitting them
  • Tools for disassembly and assembly are available on order from Seal House.



Joint Sealant tape is made of expanded PTFE. The manufacturing process results in a micro-porous fibre structure which provides this seal with special properties.

This universal sealing tape comes in either a rectangular cross-section or a round cross-section

The Tape is supplied in widths up to 100 mm and thicknesses of 0.1 to 3 mm, and the Cord diameters range from1 – 14mm, with other sizes available on request.

The rectangular seal profiles are provided with a paper-backed adhesive strip for fixing to the sealing face

Joint Sealant Tape comes in a standard lengths already boxed or Seal House can supply lengths cut to suit.



Graphite Foil Rings are hard rings that come in a range of different profiles and have excellent resistance to many media, due to the 90% graphite content.

They are commonly used in valves and rotary equipment. They are particularly recommended for systems handling high temperature steam, de-mineralised water, potable water, petroleum products, acids and alkalis, waxes and oils.

As well as having high temperature resistance, Graphite Foil Rings are age resistant due to the fact that there are no binders or fillers, have low friction values and are stable under compression, amongst a range of other physical properties.

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