Industrial Plastics

Compared to metal, plastic has many advantages – it is lightweight, strong, resistant to chemicals, it is cleaner and easier to machine and is cost effective in comparison to metal (stainless, bronze or brass).

Seal House offers a wide range of industrial plastics available either by the sheet, cut-piece, rod or tube form.

Alternatively, we can custom-machine precision components to your exact requirements, including, amongst others:
• Rollers
• Bearings
• Wear strips
• Wheels
• Piston and back-up rings
• Scrapers

Seal House plastics range from commonly used polyethylene’s (chopping board type material) to more specialised plastics such as PTFE and PEEK.


Seal House can assist with choosing the best material for a particular application as each of these materials offer different properties, including resistance to temperature (high or low), pressure (high or low) and a range of chemicals and also resistance to abrasion and shock.

Seal House can supply the following plastics:

  • Nylon
  • Acetal
  • PETP
  • PTFE
  • PEEK
  • Other special materials upon request

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